Get free Payoneer card in Pakistan What is Payoneer? - Get Payoneer Card in Pakistan

What is Payoneer? Get Payoneer Card in Pakistan

Get Payoneer Card in Pakistan through local courier at your home with 25$ free Gift. Many peoples ask me what is payoneer today i am going to tell you that what is Payoneer, Payoneer is a plastic card just like your VISA ATM CARD, with a Master Card logo.Payoneer is an American company, the company sends it’s card’s to all over the world, Payoneer helps in money transferring and the main thing is that it also provide’s a master card which is printed by your name just like a bank’s credit or debit card. Through Payoneer account, you can easily verify that money transferring services which are not available in Pakistan just like PayPal, Payza, Skrill


What are the benefits of Payoneer?

Through this card you can easily verify your PayPal account which is not available in Pakistan nowadays, it’s mostly used in those countries where a credit card is not used usually. In Pakistan, if you want to do shopping online shopping or payments and you don’t have a banks card or account you can use Payoneer card. You Get Payoneer Card in Pakistan free of cost at your home through Payoneer’s website, you don’t have to pay a single rupee for this card. You can also use this card on ATM if you have dollar’s in it.

How to receive money off online earnings in Pakistan?

Payoneer also helps’s you to receive your money of Up work, Fiverr, Freelancer, and much more similar platforms. You can also use this money in shopping online, paying bills online and much more. Payoneer works with different companies which only use dollar’s, you can receive your dollar’s  in your Payoneer card and can convert them into Pakistani rupees by receiving from any ATM of Pakistan. It’s the only trust full way that you can use in Pakistan to receive your money.

How to receive Payoneer money in Pakistan?

In Pakistan Payoneer is newly launched so we don’t have that much bank ATM’s who works with Payoneer, in fact, you can receive your money from Standard Chartered just by paying 300 FEE if you will receive that payment from Bank al-Falah ATM it will not charge you a single rupee, MCB Bank will charge 200 rupees per transaction. So keep in mind right now you can only receive your money by MCB, Standard Chartered Bank, MCB Bank.Other Banks will also start transactions soon.

Where can I use my Payoneer card in Pakistan?

Once you received your Payoneer card in pakistan, you can use Payoneer card online to receive your payments online like Up work, Freelancer, 99Design, Design Crows, Fiverr, you can also use this card during the purchase of Domain, hosting through GoDaddy, Bluehost.


Are there any charges for Get Payoneer card in Pakistan?

If I was an owner of Payoneer then surely I will be a fee  100$ but now there is no fee! In fact, you can earn 25$ just by registering for your card. When you will receive your first 100$ in your account you will get 25$ as a bonus.

I hope that you got the answer of “What is Payoneer” and what are the benifits of Payoneer.

How can I get the Payoneer Card in  Pakistan?

Click on the link to get Payoneer card in Pakistan given below register yourself and get the card at your doorstep without paying any fee what you have to do just provide your complete and real information if you will register by the link given below you will get the card in a week as well you will get 25$ on your first transaction. Enjoy it and don’t forget to invite your friends for the free                                                CLICK HERE 



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